Why Grow Haskap


High Value Crop

It is anticipated that the increasing consumer demand for healthy foods and growing awareness of Haskap will continue to see demand outpace supply for the next several years.

While  there  is  always  a  degree  of  uncertainty when determining crop values, some reasonable projections can be made. One industry participant calculated that a Haskap orchard, after year five, will generate revenue exceeding $40,000 per acre ($400,000 for 10 acres). This is based on selling the berry harvest at only half of the current market price.

Interest from the United States and other International markets, and the use of Haskap berries in value added processing could see the demand increase further.

30 Year life Cycle

Haskap often bear fruit the year following planting but require 3 - 4 years to achieve commercial yields of a few kilograms per plant. Yields of 7 kilograms per plant have been attained after 5 years. Plants are known to grow beyond 30 years and continue to be healthy and productive.