Nova Scotia Advantages


Why grow here?

Lunenburg County is an area perfectly suited for Haskap growing. Its climate, growing zone and soil all contribute to healthy and robust crops. It is well positioned to benefit from the growth and development of new agricultural businesses, ideas, innovations, opportunities, and products for both domestic and export markets.

Unlike other fruit crops, Haskap thrives best in cold, northern temperatures and can tolerate frost. This combined with the area’s rich soil, and high number of growing degree-days per season contributes to the crop’s performance.

The South Shore falls within the Atlantic Coastal region and this area’s strong coastal influence provides for a moderate climate i.e. the coolest summer and warmest winter temperatures in the Province.

Recently, The South West Nova Scotia Temperature and Solar radiation study, a four year study into the climate conditions at select sites around South Western Nova Scotia was conducted. It identified a number of microclimate locations where favourable growing degree-days and climate conditions exist in the area.

These micro climates can offer filed crop producers extended growing seasons, milder climates and potentially increase crop quality, yield, market opportunity and profitability.

“The project has significantly increased the understanding of the climate, sunlight, heat units and agriculture production possibilities in both coastal and inland areas, highlighting the LaHave River Valley in Lunenburg County as an ideal location for agriculture production.”

  • Proven Track Record - the Haskap berry is already being successfully cultivated in Lunenburg County.
  • Distribution Infrastructure - to support access to local, national, and international markets.
  • Stable Government and Economy - reducing risk for business operators.